As producer, Lyte has been producing storytelling Hollywood contents with some of the best and professional people out there in movies, shows, comic books, video games, anime and digital stickers.

Since 2005, Lyte has been a founding President & COO of Shinca Entertainment, an American entertainment production company based in Los Angeles. As President & COO, she has been not only involved as a producer on a creative side for most of the the projects the company develops, but also overseeing day-to-day operation internationally for a growth of the company.


Kolala is an original character created by Nia Lyte and has been published as a digital sticker at LINE app, one of the largest instant communications, for its mobile chatting system.

The users of the LINE app can buy a set of Kolala for US$0.99 at the LINE Store and use it like emoji to text to others!

KoLaLa is a peaceful and charming girl. She loves living like Koala, spending time at relaxing time and spacious places.

Please download LINE app if you still don't have it at

At Shinca Entertainment, Lyte has been producing a different series of original storytelling American comic books with a group of professional and talented artists from various countries to meet her client's visions and needs.

With her love and passion in reading so many different books and watching so many Japanese anime, it just comes so natural for her to be on a creator's side and turn a vision and a story into a exciting and storytelling comic book.