As Entreprenuer

Nia Lyte


Lyte has built and run a successful American company called Shinca Group, which owns and manages a number of businesses involving from producing Hollywood motion pictures, television shows, comic books, video games in entertainment industry to distributing innovative and cutting-edge nanotechnologies in technology industry, and to bridging successful businesses internationally in consulting industry.

Shinca Logo

Lyte is a President and Chief Operating Officer at Shinca®. Founded in 2005, Shinca is an American company that oversees and manages a number of businesses, such as entertainment, technology and consulting.



Shinca Entertainment shares those wonderful stories with our audience through movies, shows, comics, music, animation, video games and entertaining public events.



Shinca Enterprise advises within both the private and public sectors throughout the world. Shinca’s clients are international leading corporations in many industries, including entertainment & media, technology, shopping mall, federal, state & local government, manufacturing & retail.



Shinca Industries provides visionary, innovative and creative emerging technology to help improve business productivity.